Fabcos Values

FABCOS’ core ideology is to engender economic self-reliance, empowerment and self-respect. Our essence lies in the translation of this core ideology and drive for economic progress into the fabric of the organization. Like all major organizations that are “Built to Last” (Jim Collins), FABCOS has adopted five methods of preserving its core ideology and stimulating progress. These are:

  • A commitment to challenging goals
  • A cult-like culture that generates a sense of belonging in only those who fit
  • Trying new ideas and keeping what works – high levels of action and experimentation that is often unplanned and undirected
  • Home-grown leadership: bringing to senior levels only those who are steeped in the core of the company
  • A continual process of relentless self-improvement

A fundamental element of our belief system in FABCOS is that any visionary business organization needs a core ideology, (a combination of its core values and purpose) beyond just making money – that guides and inspires people throughout the organization and remains relatively fixed for long periods of time.

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